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John Deere X950R

Brand: John Deere
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The X950R is a robust, diesel-powered cut-and-collect commercial lawn tractor. It is designed for use in commercial applications.

The clear and open design of the X950R operator’s platform allows the operator to easily get on and off the tractor. Its comfortable seat and foot positioning, the adjustable steering wheel, together with the intuitive controls, let the operator concentrate on the task at hand. A tight uncut circle, the tail follows trail concept and the mower deck trimming on both sides ensure increased productivity by reducing the amount of maneuvers required to cover a mowing area. The smoothly rolled deck edges ensure the grass will not be scalped or ripped out.


Emptying the hopper is easily done through the multi-lever control within the operator’s station. The industry’s largest hopper with adjustable fill signal results in fewer stops to empty and its leading overload height and distance ability ensures that trailers are filled completely.


Efficient long-day operation is supported with operator conveniences such as a cup holder and the easy- to-use cruise control. A full lumbar support seat with optional arm rests, grab handles in reach distance, and an efficient differential lock allow smooth in challenging terrain.

Available mower decks are: 48-in. (122-cm) and 5-in. (137-cm) High-Capacity Commercial Rear Discharge Deck. Benefits include:

  • The deep-deck design allows cleaner cuts and handling of larger volumes of grass.
  • The deck is stamped from heavy 7-gauge steel (3.5 mm) for durability.
  • A clean-deck design avoids material buildup, makes cleaning easy, and smoothly guides the grass into the discharge chute.
  • The edges are rolled 180 degrees for extra stiffness against impacts from obstacles; mower blade overlap is 3.9 in. (100 mm) for a reduced chance of striping between blades.
    The cutting height is conveniently adjusted with a dial knob on the platform. Engaging the deck is done by pulling the electric switch on the dashboard powering an electric clutch.

The combination of a newly designed deck, a wide collection chute and large collection hopper results in a best-in-class collection performance machine. The clean design of the stamped deck ensures best possible grass flow. The wide chute is designed to smoothly transport the grass to the rear of the collection hopper for a high fill rate. The built-in cleaning flap helps to keep the chute clean when mowing in more difficult conditions. The lever to control the flap is conveniently located on the right fender for easy operation

Available collectors include a:

  • 150.5-gal. (570-L) low dump collector.
    • Steel frame for long life.
    • Largest collector in the low dump category for less emptying stops.
  • 171.8-gal. (650-L) high dump collector.
  • Lift frame durability builds on John Deere experience (e.g. front loaders on current 1R Series).
  • Emptying the collection hopper is possible at any height to suit individual application requirements.
  • Long reach for easier emptying into the middle of trailers 80.3-in. (204-cm) high and 58.7-in. (149-cm) far out allowing full use of the trailer capacity.
  • All hydraulic lines and cylinders are protected to avoid damage, especially when the lifted collector is next to a trailer for emptying.

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