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Ariens Arrow 32 Stand On

Brand: Ariens
Product Code: Ariens Arrow 32 Stand On
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Ex Tax: €12,699.00
ARROW stand-ons are available with 81cm (32″) and 91cm (36″) cutter decks providing speed and precision to your cut.
Ideal for mowing large lawns with obstacles such as trees and bushes.

Featuring all the benefits of a zero-turn mower but with the low-profile form of a large walk-behind mower and near perfect visibility of the cutting area. The ARROW stand-on can quickly mow larger lawns yet also cut intricate shaped grass dotted with trees, flower beds and other obstacles. Accelerate your commercial cutting workflow with the 'hop on, hop off' driving style of this stand-on zero-turn.

    • ENGINE                                     Kawasaki® FS 600 V-Twin ​600cc engine electric start
    •  FUEL CAPACITY (LTR)             19.3 ltr
    • CUTTING WIDTH (IN/CM)        32 in / 84 cm 7-gauge steel
    • CUTTING HEIGHT MAX           5 in / 12.7 cm
    • CUTTING POSITIONS              15 
    • DECK LIFT SYSTEM                  Lever

  • Optional Mulch Kit €319.00

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