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Brand: Wiper
Product Code: WIPER PREMIUM KS 3500M²
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The K series is a new generation of robots built on a newly developed modular frame.

The rear part encloses the traction and the heart of the robot. The front part is connected to the traction by an articulated joint and includes the cutting system as well as the active safety devices and impact detection sensors.

The two units are closely connected but at the same time independent of each other.

This allows the robot to continuously adapt to the working surface, thus ensuring high traction and handling capacity, and to precisely follow the shape of the lawn for an incomparable cutting result.

Equipped with latest generation electronics, it offers almost endless programming possibilities, adapting itself to the most diverse needs and types of gardens. The “S” models also come with electrical adjustment of the cutting height, which can be easily set from the control panel or via the My Robot Wiper App. Standard on “S” models, the Connect module allows remote management of the geolocation and geo-fence function (virtual perimeter).

Capacity of up to 3500sqm


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