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Solo Sprayers

SOLO – the pioneer of mobile plant protection equipment commenced its worldwide success as far back as 1950. The world’s first backpack engine driven mistblower originates from SOLO and so does the first pressure sprayer made from UV resistant poly material.

From the early days right up to today, quality features influence the production of many hundred thousand SOLO machines. Some of these features are best spray performance, uniform droplet size, ease of operation, low equipment weight, balanced accessory range for particular operating conditions and minimal maintenance requirements.  

These are just what is needed for gardening and DIY work. Whether it’s a balcony, patio, garden, kitchen garden, house or car, there's a pressure sprayer for every type of surface and every type of use.

All models here have special features to make life easier for the user - a translucent, graduated tank to help in the precise measuring of water and chemicals, a comfortable handle with an automatic return or an adjustable jet to suit the type of treatment. Solo pressure sprayers are easy to handle: they are either hand-held or supported by a strap. Solo has thought of everything so that gardening or DIY work is always a pleasure!

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