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Husqvarna R 422Ts AWD

Brand: Husquarna
Product Code: Husqvarna R 422Ts AWD
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High performance All-Wheel-Drive Rider, built on an operator-friendly chassis. Equipped with convenient features like power steering, hydraulic tool lift, headlights and quick tool connection for hassle-free and efficient tool changes. Can be fitted with a flail mower, broom, snow thrower, snow blade and more. An excellent choice for private estate owners, sports facilities and hotels with large areas to maintain year-round. The Rider 422Ts AWD is delivered deckless and can be fitted with 103, 112 and 122 cm Combi cutting decks offering BioClip and rear ejection.

Cutting Height Interval Cutting height, min-max 25 - 75 mm / 1 - 3 inch
Features Unique articulated steering. The unique articulated steering system allows the rear pair of wheels to swing in underneath the machine. The result is superior manoeuvrability with a minimum turning radius at full lock. Pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission. Easy speed and direction control with pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission. Separate pedals for forward and reverse. Easy-access cutting height lever. The cutting height lever is easy to reach from the driver’s seat, making it possible to do cutting height changes while mowing. Attachment frame. Easy to shift between cutting decks and front-mounted attachments, such as broom, flail mower, snow blade and snow thrower. External fuel cap. Thanks to the external fuel cap, you don't have to open the engine hood when taking on more fuel. The extra wide fuel tank opening makes refueling even easier. Front-mounted cutting deck for excellent accessability into corners and under bushes, park benches etc. Power-assisted steering makes driving less strenuous and more enjoyable. All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) ensures traction on uneven, wet and slippery areas and slopes. AWD automatically adjusts the traction on all wheels depending on situation and ground condition.
Cutting Width Optional cutting decks Combi 122
Engine Power Net power at preset rpm 12.6 kW @ 3000 rpm
Engine Manufacturer Engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton Engine Endurance Series V-Twin
Transmission Hydrostatic with All wheel drive
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