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Husqvarna LC348V

Brand: Husquarna
Product Code: LC348V
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LC 348V is a walk-behind lawn mower that creates a fantastic cutting result and lawn appearance thanks to its AFTech™ technology: the cutting blade is engineered to create an upward airflow as it rotates. This airflow lifts up the grass in order to create an evenly cut lawn. Then, the airflow transports the grass clippings through the chute into the collector. This process fills the collector extremely efficiently, enabling you to cut for a long time without interruption. LC 348V has a durable design to last for many years. It features AutoWalk™ 2 for ergonomic and comfortable speed control.

Cutting Width 48cm cutting width
Engine Manufacturer Powered By Briggs & Stratton
Transmission Self-propelled, variable speed Autowalk system
Bag Capacity 60 ltr Hard plastic box
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